UFT Lesson 1- Introduction to UFT 11.5 – UFT Installation Process


UFT Lesson 1- Introduction to UFT 11.5 – UFT Installation Process

Lesson 1 -installation

In this Part of the lesson no 1, we are going to look at installation of UFT 11.5 Trail Version.


Step 1 : Down the Trail Version from HP website.  Download UFT Trial

Step 2: Extract the Zip File

step 1 -extract zip


Step 3:  Run UFT Setup and Select Unified Functional Testing Setup.

Step 2- select unified functional testing setup


Step 4:  You will get the Welcome Screen, Click on Next Button to continue.

Step 3 - Welcome Screen - Click Next



Step 5:   Accept License Agreement and click on Next button.

Step 4- accept Terms and conditions


Step 6: Enter your information.

Step 5 - enter your details


Step 7: Custom Setup, if you want to perform custom setup then use configure your setup else click on Next.

Step 6 - Custom Setup

Step 8: Select the UFT installation Location.

step 7 - installation path

Step 9: Confirm the installation. It will start installing UFT on your machine.

Step 9 - installation progress


Step 10:  Installation is in progress

Step 8 - Confirmation


Step 11: Complete installation

Step 10 - Finish

Step 12: Additional installation Requirement. for trial, do not select Run license installation wizard.

Step 11 - Additional resources


Step 13: Complete installation. you are set to Run the UFT on your Machine


If you have any queries regarding the UFT installation, feel free to contact us, by just replying to this post.

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