Types of Automation frameworks

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Types of Automation frameworks

While automating  any application or website, first question comes in the mind is which tool we need to use and which automation framework will be suited for the application under  test. Automation framework creation is very challenging job, you need to consider lot of factors before you start creating it.

which test cases needs to automate, what are complexity of the test cases, test case coverage, etc. in this post we will see only the different types of automation frameworks

Automation framework is broadly divided into 4 different types

  • Linear automation Framework: linear framework mainly based on record and play and follow the procedural code. this framework especially suites for very small projects and for creation of smoke test suites where only basis tests being executed.
  • Structured automation Framework: In Structured framework ,   test cases are writing in more structured way using loops, if else statements, Switch statement and conditional statement, but  it does not have any functions or modularity to make the framework more flexible.
  • Modular automation Framework: In Modular framework, reusable code put in some functions and functions getting called whenever needed. it makes framework more flexible and easy for maintenance.
  • Data-driven automation Framework: When some test needs to repeat for different data set , Data driven framework gets used. In this framework, Parameters in the test case gets linked to databsae, excel, csv, text files from there test case run for all defined parameter in the file.
  • Keyword-driven automation Framework: As Name suggest, Keyword nothing but a code which represent some action, say “login”. in this framework, we map the set of code which perform certain action with a keyword and then we use that keyword across the framework.
  • Hybrid automation Framework: It is nothing but mix of any frameworks together. most popular hybrid automation frameworks are Modular- Data driven and Keyword- data driven.


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in coming post i will explain every automation framework in detail.

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