What does #document mean?


This is the HTML file I have. I am trying to use Selenium-Webdriver API along with ChromeDriver to send_keys to an input filed inside the <body>. But I can’t access anything which is inside of #document. I cannot figure out why. Can someone please tell me what this #document means and how can I access any of the elements inside this using Selenium.

<frameset >
<frame name="mainFrame" src>

This is a router webpage, the actual webpage is huge, so I haven’t pasted it here.

enter image description here

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Just to summarize on what I learnt and implemented.

  1. document is a virtual element, which doesn’t really mean anything.

  2. If you have mulitple frames/framesets, you will have to switch frames.

    a. so first get to the default content.

    b. then get to the frame that you want to work with.
    frame = driver.find_element_by_name('mainFrame')

  3. Then play with the elements in that frame.
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