Unknown option: -Dwebdriver.chrome.driver when running selenium server standalone on Mac


I was trying to manually run selenium server standalone on MAC and then run my tests with intern-runner in Chrome browser. As I’ve been advised on intern User Guide:

“To use ChromeDriver and IEDriver with a Selenium server, the driver executable must either be placed somewhere in the environment PATH, or their locations must be given explicitly to the Selenium server using the -Dwebdriver.chrome.driver (ChromeDriver) and -Dwebdriver.ie.driver (IEDriver) flags upon starting the Selenium server.”

I started the Selenium server and put path to chrome driver on my machine, but got error:

“Unknown option: -Dwebdriver.chrome.driver”

any idea on why seleinum unable to recognize the options?

Is there any other solution on how to run chrome webdriver/IE webDriver from command line with selenium standalone server?

Where the driver executable could be placed in the environment PATH on MAC?

I was able to run chrome driver separately with out any issues using:

./node_modules/.bin/chromedriver --port=4444 --url-base=wd/hub  
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For selenium3 you need to use Dwebdriver.chrome.driver option first.

java -Dwebdrive.chrome.driver=path_to_chrome_driver -jar selenium_server_file

To avoid any path issues better download both files in the same directory and run from there.


java -Dwebdrive.chrome.driver=chromedriver -jar selenium-server-standalone-3.0.1.jar

Also have Chrome browser installed.

Is drive instead of driver

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