UFT11.50 - Service Test - How can I obtain the data from the response body

"Id": 456,
"Type": null,
"Name": "Store112",
"Root": "\\\\server\\ShareFolder",
"Username": "alm",
"Password": null

This is a JSON file response body from a HTTP Request, how can I get the value of ‘ID’ property? Does UFT or QTP has a function to support this?

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In order to use a specific JSON property from the response you should do the following.

  1. Select the HTTP tab in the properties pane
  2. In the Response Body section select JSON from the drop down list
  3. Load a sample of the expected JSON response
    Screen shot of steps 1-3

Then in the activity you want to use the value, click the link icon for the input parameter, select the HTTP tab and select the Id property from the Output section.
Linking the value

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