Set firefox profile with protractor


I want to run tests with Firefox/protractor with the cache feature disabled.
(Actually, I’m trying to prevent 304 HTTP responses).

There are multiple ways to do this:

  • Disable the cache from the backend-side by droping Etag headers -> I can’t modify the backend
  • Drop the Etag header from the frontend-side -> I tried, it did not work
  • Disable the cache from firefox: I just have to set the flag network.http.use-cache to false

Manually it works. I receive only 200 responses and it’s great.
I want to be able to set this flag through protractor configuration. After some search I found out that I had to create a custom profile and set it in protractor this way (

capabilities: {
browserName: 'firefox',
firefox_profile: 'support/firefox_profile'

The problem is that the firefox profile is not considered. Is it the right option?
Do you have a better idea?

Thanks for your help.

As someone (suggested

capabilities: {
prefs: {
'config.http.use-cache': false

It did not work – I checked in about:config, the flag was still enabled.
How do you know what options you can pass in the capabilities?

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Here’s an example of how to integrate firefox-profile with protractor:

EDIT: For those upgrading to protractor >=1.6, the old way of doing this was broken because ‘browser’ can no longer return a promise. The demo has been updated.

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