Selenium onChange not working


I have tried a number of things to try and get Selenium to pick up an ‘onchange’ event from a drop down menu, none of which has worked.

The offending HTML is:

<select onchange="doOpperation(this.options[this.selectedIndex]); this.selectedIndex = 0;" name="opps_ondemand" id="opps_ondemand">
<option value="none" id="ondemand">Mark as...</option>
<option cmd="blah1" value="add">Something</option>
<option cmd="blah2" value="remove">None</option>

I have read that Selenium IDE doesn’t record some on* events, and so it would be wise to use fireEvent():

$this->select("opps_ondemand", "label=Mark as...");
$this->fireEvent("//select[@id='opps_ondemand']", "change");

However, this does not work (with or without the fireEvent). I have also tried using

$this->fireEvent("locator", "click");

instead of


but this did nothing.

Selenium does not complain about these locators not existing so I am assuming it can see the select/option elements fine. The problem seems to be the onChange event.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?


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