Running multiple Selenium tests at the same time


I would like to run multiple Selenium Tests (on a Jenkins server) at the same time.

It currently runs only a single test at a time cause ChromeDriver seems to communicate over a special port. So somehow I guess I have to pass some kind of port settings via Selenium to the ChromeDriver to start up multiple tests.

The Selenium website unfortunately is empty for that topic:

From my point of view it makes no difference if the Test runs locally or on Jenkins, the problem is the same. We need to somehow configure ChromeDriver. The question is just how.

Anybody has some ideas or pointers where to look at and what files are involved to get this done?

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What you are looking for is Selenium Grid 2.

Grid allows you to :

  • scale by distributing tests on several machines ( parallel execution )
  • manage multiple environments from a central point, making it easy to run the tests against a vast combination of browsers / OS.
  • minimize the maintenance time for the grid by allowing you to implement custom hooks to leverage virtual infrastructure for instance.
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