How to setup Appium in Ubuntu for android


I am new in appium(automation testing technology).

I’m using a PC running Ubuntu Linux.

I have searched about this topic but I have not got any useful tutorial. Can anyone point me to the right documentation?

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Do not install nodejs through apt-get, which will need sudo rights and appium will not work if node is installed as sudo user. If you have already installed remove it using

sudo apt-get remove nodejs
sudo apt
-get remove npm

Download latest nodejs linux binaries form

Extract into a folder that doesn’t need sudo rights to access, for example your home folder.

tar -xvf <downloaded_binary_tar.gz>

Add the following line to your ~/.bashrc file.

export PATH=$PATH:<full_path_of_the_extracted_node_folder>/bin

Open a now terminal and do

npm install -g appium
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