How to run Google Chrome with Selenium RC?


I am trying to test my site with Selenium RC + Nunit +

I can get my tests to work in Firefox,Safari,opera,IE 8 but not google chrome. I put this in for the browser arugment

 selenium = new DefaultSelenium(Server, ServerPort,
"*chrome", DomainURL);

This always loads up Firefox though and not good chrome.

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If I remember correctly, *chrome” is used to launch a special mode of Firefox (a mode in which your application has more privilegies — with less security restrictions) ; so, the fact that it’s Firefox that is launched, and not Google Chrome, is normal.

If you want to launch Google Chrome, you will have to use something else than “*chrome“.

Using Selenium RC in interactive mode, with something like this :

$ java -jar selenium-server.jar -interactive

and using the getNewBrowserSession command not correctly :


I get the list of browsers is supports :

23:43:09.317 INFO - Got result: Failed to start new browser session: Browser not supported:
(Did you forget to add a *?)
Supported browsers include:
on session

So, I’m guessing you should be able to launch Google Chrome using “*googlechrome instead of “*chrome“.

I’m not on Windows, so I can’t try by myself… And I cannot find anything in the documentation to back me up… Still, with a bit of luck, this might help you…

Anyway, have fun !

As a sidenote : Google Chrome is not the one which invented the term “chrome”, actually ; it means plenty of things, like Chrome Mozilla or User Interface Chrome

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