How to capture all requests made by page in webdriver? Is there any alternative to Browsermob?


I am using Selenium2/WebDriver to test my web applications. All the tests are written in Java and run with Maven.

While opening a page with webdriver I’d like to capture all the requests made by page (images, js and css files, etc). I use this data mainly for two reasons

  • checking for 404 (and other errors) in calls
  • checking if analytics code is working (checking if it’s sending proper requests)

Depending on the project I use either Firebug with Netexport or Browsermob proxy. In both cases I can easily obtain a HAR (Html ARchive) file, parse it and extract the data I want.

Here’s the problem:
I am not happy with neither of these solutions. I have especially problems with getting HAR file when a page contains video that is being loaded too long. I am looking for something more stable.

So, the questions are:

Is there any alternative to Browsermob? I know about FiddlerCore but it’s a .NET library and my tests are written in Java. I’ve also heard about Ajax DynaTrace and I know that there is some way to integrate it with Selenium but the documentation I found was for Selenium-RC not WebDriver.

Is there any way to integrate DynaTrace with WebDriver or use FiddlerCore with Java?

Is there any other way to achieve the goals I mentioned? I am looking for a proxy that I can easily control from my code. Exporting data to HAR would be a great plus.

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