How to avoid Compound Class name error in Page Object?


When I try to use the class name that having space class = "country name" in page object, I’m getting:

Compound class names not permitted Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownError)

How can I use the class name that having space.


class = "country name"
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Use a CSS selector instead:

The important thing to note is that this example is wrong! If "country name" is meant as a name of a country, that is. Class names can’t have spaces in them. In fact, the class attribute is a space-separated list of classes. That means that if you have a class country name, it’s not one class, it’s two different classes your element belongs to – the first is country, the second is name!

Therefore, fix your classes, if they’re wrong. If they’re not, use a CSS selector, it’s the only reliable way to match multiple classes (apart from a very long and complicated XPath expression). Don’t use trivial XPath expressions or CSS selectors with naive attribute comparison (//*[@class='country name'] or *[class='country name']), that’s just plain wrong.

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