What is Process Review? Explain Formal and informal Review processes

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What is Process Review? Explain Formal and informal Review processes


An evaluation of a product or project status to ascertain discrepancies from planned results and to recommend improvements. Review is a process to understand the current state of the productand match with the expected state if it varies from expected state then recommend the improvements. Review is static method of evaluation or examination of various documents and source code.

Code review is the best example of static testing.

 Need of Review meetings

Review is required to analyze and evaluate a requirement document,a design document,test plan and user manual. Review techniques are used to examine the source code before execution.

This is important part of testing because by using this various review techniques participants learn about the content of software product to help them understand the role of their own work and to plan for future stages of development and testing.

The type and quantity of defects found during reviews can also help testers focus their testing and select effective classes of tests.

Review technique helps because it reduces the number of defects early in the product life cycle also means that less time has to be spent on testing and maintenance

 Types of defect found by Review techniques

– deviations from standards,missing requirements,design defects,inconsistent interface.


Types of Review-

Review can be categorized into two type

-Formal Review : everything is properly planned, like meetings, schedules and other planning. Agenda is circulated to team sp the everyone in the team know what they need to prepare for the meeting. oftentimes reviewers are selected on the basis on their knowledge and skills. Review meetings are facilitated by the managers or leads and MOM of meeting is properly documented.

Informal Review : Generally it is like one to one meetings with peers, like a walk-through this review is typically done to understand the processes. this is not planned like a formal review.


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