Object Repository Manager and Functions of Object Repository manager


Object Repository Manager and Functions of Object Repository manager

The Object Repository Manager enables you to manage all of the shared object repositories used in your organization from a single, central location, including adding and defining objects, modifying objects and their descriptions, parameterizing repositories to make them more generic, maintaining and organizing repositories, merging repositories, and importing and exporting repositories in XML format.We can launch object repository manager from QTP menu-

Resources > Object Repository Manager


Object Repository manager performs and monitors various functions like

  • Add Objects
  • Update Objects
  • Delete Objects
  • Merging Object Repositories

We will see the functions of object repository manager in detail

Add Objects-

An object can be added to the local object repository by using any of the following ways:

1. Record some actions on the object,this will automatically add this object to the object repository. If you do not need the recorded statements in your script, you can delete them and it will not remove the added object from the object repository.

2. Add objects manually.

Click on Resources->Object Repository.
In the Filter combobox, select “Local Objects”.
Go to Object -> Add Objects to Local.
Click on the object to be added to the repository.
If the Object Selection window appears, select the desired object, and click on OK button.

Update Objects-

QTP enables you to maintain the reusability of your test objects by storing all the information regarding your test objects in a object repository. When objects in your application change, the Object Repository Manager provides a single, central location in which you can update test object information for multiple tests.

To modify the test object properties You have to use Object Repository Manager
Click on Resources -> Object Repository Manager .Open the Object repository from which you want to edit a object property
Repository gets opened in Read-only mode. To enable editing click File -> Enable Editing
Once editing is enabled you can perform modifications on the test objects

Delete Objects-

Object manager allows to delete the object from local as well as from shared object repository.

To  select the object you want to delete.
Click on the Delete button or select Edit-Delete button.
Click on Yes to confirm that you want to delete that object.

Object repository is the most commonly used feature in QTP.

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