Installation of JMeter


Installation of JMeter

JMeter is pure java application. it comes as a set of the library or standalone files which does not have an installer.  you need to make a proper setting to make sure that JMeter will work on your computer.

what hardware configuration required to run JMeter?

you just need a Java installed on your machine. the best way is to install Java Development kit which contains JRE(java runtime environment and other java libs which are very useful.


Step1: make sure that you have right Java installed

you can run below commands to make sure that you have java installed and configured properly.

Windows Open Command Console c:\> java -version
Linux Open Command Terminal $ java -version
Mac Open Terminal machine: ~ user1$ java -version

if you get any difficulties in setting java or installation of java, just make comments in this post and I will happy to assist you.

Step2: Download JMeter

download JMeter from the link: download JMeter

download the zip and unzip it. (~50MB file size)

once you extract the zip file. you will below folders and files

put these downloaded files under the right location where you have full access, else may cause issues while running the JMeter.


Step3: Run JMeter

now you are all set to run JMeter.

go to the bin folder of JMeter download. in my case folder path is C:\Users\User\Downloads\apache-jmeter-4.0\apache-jmeter-4.0\bin

here will able to find jmeter.bat and files. these files you have to execute the run the JMeter. for Windows and Linux/Mac there are different files to invoke the JMeter.

Operating System Execute file to run JMeter
Windows jmeter.bat
Linux /Mac


once you execute below files, it will start the command prompt and fire some commands. after few seconds, it will invoke Jmeter UI.

once you are able to see the JMeter UI, it means that you have successfully installed the JMeter.

let us know if you have any issues while configuring the JMeter.

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