Informal Review and its types

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Informal Review and its types

informal review

Informal review is the most common and widely use review technique. There are so many advantages of informal review over formal and well documented review but the key advantage is time saving. To conduct the informal review documentation, minimum number of members or entry criteria etc. are not mandatory so this can be consider as a better way of review.


 Types of Informal Review

Walk through-

Method of conducting informal group/individual review is called walk through, in which a designer or programmer leads members of the development team,testing team and other interested parties through a software product, and the participants ask questions and make comments about possible errors, violation of development standards, and other problems or may suggest improvement on the article, walk through can be pre-planned or can be conducted at need basis and generally people working on the work product are involved in the walk through process.
The Purpose of walk through is to:

  • Find problems
  • Discuss alternative solutions
  • Focusing on demonstrating how work product meets all requirements.

Peer Review-

Peer review means that an action of an individual person may be looked at again by someone of similar competence in that activity -a peer

More formally it is a process of self-regulation by a profession or a process of evaluation involving qualified individuals within the relevant fields. Peer review methods are employed to maintain standards, improve performance and provide credibility.

Technical Review-

A technical review is a discussion meeting that focuses on achieving consensus about the technical content of a document.This is informal type of review so less process and documents are needed for this type of review.There is little or no focus on defect identification on the basis of referenced document,intended leadership and rules.During technical reviews defects are found by experts,who focus on the content of the document.The experts that are needed for a technical review are, for example, architects,chief designers and key users.No management participation required in technical review.More formal characteristics such as the use of checklists and logging list or issue log are optional

Informal review are commonly used and followed on regular basis in various organizations.

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