How to create Web Test Plan using JMeter


How to create Web Test Plan using JMeter

It is the first step to start using JMeter, you should have a test plan where you can have tests.

What is JMeter Test Plan?

A Test Plan is as a container for tests. It defines what to test and its behavior. A comprehensive test plan can have one or more elements such as thread groups, logic controllers, sample-generating controllers, listeners, timers, assertions, and configuration elements.  It is mandatory that a test plan must have at least one thread group.

Let’s create a test plan step by step:


Step 1: Launch JMeter

in the previous post, we have seen the installation of JMeter. to start the JMeter go to the bin directory execute the jmeter.bat file or file based on the operating system which you are using. you will see below screen after successfully launch.

By default, you will see the Test plan gets created. it is an empty test plan.  give “My first test plan” name to test plan and save.

Step 2: Add elements (Basic)

we can a lot of elements in the test plan. For an understanding of the test plan, we will some basic elements. as we have seen, all test plan must have at least one thread group we will create the thread group.


give the name to thread group and leave the default values as is and save. we will all configuration values in a later post.

The Thread Group tells JMeter the number of users you want to simulate, how often the users should send requests, and how many requests they should send.

now we will create one sample controller

Select the Thread group which you have created > right click >  Add >  Logic controller>sampler controller

give the name to Sampler and save it

Select the Sampler controller which you have created > right click >  Add >  Sampler > HTTP request.

now enter the website address which you want to execute in your test. I have used

now let’s add one report so that when we will execute the test, we will able to see the performance of the request.

to add the summary report,

select test plan node > right click > Add > Listener > summary report

gives the name to the report and save the file.

now your test plan is ready with the very simple test. here we will just load and in summary report, we will see the time taken by HTTP request.

to run the test just click on green arrow button and then select the summary report tab. after the test run, you will see the below report.

this is the way you should able to kick start with JMeter. a lot of informative posts are coming away so stay tuned.



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