Exam – ISTQB Exam Paper 1

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When what is visible to end-users is a deviation from the specific or expected behavior, this is called:
Regression testing should be performed:
v) every week
w) after the software has changed
x) as often as possible
y) when the environment has changed
z) when the project manager says
IEEE 829 test plan documentation standard contains all of the following except:
Testing should be stopped when:
Order numbers on a stock control system can range between 10000 and 99999 inclusive. Which of the following inputs might be a result of designing tests for only valid equivalence classes and valid boundaries:
Consider the following statements about early test design:
i. early test design can prevent fault multiplication
ii. faults found during early test design are more expensive to fix
iii. early test design can find faults
iv. early test design can cause changes to the requirements
v. early test design takes more effort
Non-functional system testing includes:
Which of the following is NOT part of configuration management:
Which of the following is the main purpose of the integration strategy for integration testing in the small?
What is the purpose of test completion criteria in a test plan:
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