What is Difference between Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing?


Smoke Testing and Sanity testing are two different types of testing and mainly used to perform different function altogether. still there many misunderstanding between smoke testing and sanity testing.  Lets give me an definitions and examples of each testing type.

Smoke Testing: Basic fundamental think we need to keep in mind is that, Smoke Testing is to perform to check the Builds or health of the build and make sure that build which we are taking for further testing is good or bad.

What Smoke testing should contains? ,  Smoke testing should contains basic workflows of all/important features inside the software. By executing these test cases we can say that” Basic functionality is working fine or not working” so that we can take the build for further testing or not.

What is Idea behind the smoke testing? , To save whole team times to work on bad builds.

Sanity testing:  Sanity Testing is Cursory testing and It is typically performed to check regressions when some defects gets fixed and QA verified the defects. also if there is any new functionality added then also to check the System integration of New functionality with existing functionality we do Sanity testing. Sanity testing can be Adhoc testing. many times during sanity testing we run set of test cases which can be affect the specific area under testing ( area in which defect is fixed or area in which new functionality is added).

i hope this article clear you about the Smoke testing and Sanity testing.

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