What is the difference between the Load and Stress Testing?


Often QA gets confused with the difference between the load testing and stress testing. both the terms looks similar but has distinct difference. Load and Stress testings are type of Performance testing where we find the performance of software under loading and stress conditions.
Load Testing is a type of testing aimed at simulating real-life workload conditions for the software under test (ex-for web testing it will be the web server )and checking its behavior under massive load.

Load testing usually did to find out “application response for X number of users (many be concurrent) ”

Load testing allows determining:

  • How many users can work with the software or web server simultaneously without perceptible slowdown.
  • How the server response time changes if the number of the users increases.


Stress Testing is a type of testing aimed at verifying the target server’s behavior under extremely heavy load and at determining the load that causes the tested application to crash.

Stress testing allows determining:

  • What load can crash the application.
  • What tested application parameters need to be monitored.
  • How to fail over the tested web application.

this is fair enough comparison between load testing and stress testing.

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