Descripting programming in UFT


Descripting programming in UFT

With variety of technologies and complex application architecture, it is not always possible to identify the each and every object and stored in Object repository. Descriptive programming is of most effective way define the object run time and perform action on it.
There are two ways to script using Descriptive Programming programming.

Description Objects : Creation of object and use it in the code
Description Strings : create the String and use it inside the code without creation of object. (not much recommended due more script maintenance)


Description Objects :

Step1 : Creation of object

‘Define object:

Set btnLogin= Description.Create()

Step 2: Add properties to object Created

btnLogin("type").value = "Button"
btnLogin("name").value = "Login"
btnLogin("html tag").value = "INPUT"

Step 3: Use the object in Script


Description Strings

in this option you can form string and use directly in your code without object creation

Browser("LoginPage").Page("Login").WebButton("html tag:=INPUT","type:=Button","name:=Login").Click
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