Defect Life Cycle

Explain defect life cycle or bug life cycle is most common question asked in the interview. this question asked to get the idea about the tester whether he/she knows the all stages in defect life cycle where defect more aspect to look at is the process knowledge of the tester. in this article we look at Defect Life Cycle and cover very common cases in details

Lets start with Defect Life Cycle.



It will not explain each tern separately but i will explain you the flow defect.

Once Defect found by the Tester, Tester Logged it and make the Status of the Defect as  “Open/New/Unconfirmed” and this defect should gets assigned to QA Lead/Manager to confirmation and assignment. QA Lead/Manager make sure that the defect is valid. there are 5 different status of the defects

  • Confirmed /Assigned
  • User error
  • Duplicate
  • As Designed
  • Not Reproducible

After Validating the defect,

  • if Defect is valid then it gets assigned to Respective Developer to fix.
  • If Defect is Duplicate then duplicate defect should mentioned in the new defect then mark them Duplicate and then closed it
  • If Defect is invalid and tester logged the defect by misunderstanding of feature behavior then, it should be mark as User Error and then Closed it
  • If Defect logged in not a defect and it working as designed specification then defect should be mark as “As Designed” then should be mark as closed. many time you may get defect in specification so such defect should be passed to Product definition team and get the defect fix.
  • If the Defect is not Reproducible then QA lead/ Manager should ask tester to write more specific steps to reproduce and still it is not reproducible then it should be marked as Not Reproducible and then it should be mark as closed.

Once Defect is fixed by the Developer should be Resigned to the Tester, Tester Verifies the Defect and mark it as Verified Fixed and then QA Lead Closed the Defect after re-verifying.

If the Defect is not fixed then Tester Reopen the Defect and Loop continue. This Article does not contains all States of Defect Life Cycle as they not oftentimes used.

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