Run Test in Groups using TestNG

TestNG provides an option to run the tests in groups. Even one class which contains a number of test cases ( Test methods) can be run into same or different groups.

Dependent Test in TestNG

Often we see dependency in test cases. one test case is dependent on output or end state of the other test case. TestNG provides an option to perform it.

What are TestNG Annotations?

If you are using TestNG in the project then you should understand the annotations of it. it helps you to use features of TestNG in right way. For different purposes or conditions, different TestNG annotations can be used.

Configure TestNG in Java project

TestNG is Test execution framework. it allows a developer or Test Automation engineer to control their test flows with a wide range of options. TestNG has a lot of features which are more test automation oriented.

Dataprovider in TestNG

Dataprovider is of the most efficient way to make your script datadriven by provide the datasets. Dataprovider is an TestNG annotation which facilitate automation tester to define the data in the method or extract data from external files…

Creating First TestNG-Selenium Script

In last lesson we have seen overview and capabilities of TestNG. now we will actually use them and create working TestNG Test Script with Selenium. you can also watch video posted earlier for better understanding.

Introduction to TestNG

TestNG is a testing framework developed in the lines of JUnit and NUnit. It is mainly use to execute the Unit test cases and now a days automated test cases. It has more advance features than Junit and NUnit.