What is Selenium?

In this Series of Selenium, We’re going to start with the basic question about what Selenium is?.  Before starting on any automation tool you should know about the tool and how it works. It’s helpful to know what exactly Selenium can do for us so that we can know how to use it effectively. And in basic terms used in the selenium.Image result for selenium webdriver image

  • Selenium is a tool to by which we can automate the user interactions on the internet browsers.
  •  It works on multiple web browsers
  • It does support web and mobile application
  • It is an API for web browsers

Now there are various components of Selenium and we’re going to talk about some of those in a bit here but a good way to think about Selenium is that it is basically an API for web browsers.

So imagine that now you have a program by which you can automate the user interaction on Chrome or IE or Firefox and make it do what you want. Now all of these web browsers have some ways of doing this aside from Selenium that is somewhat built into the web browser and the different vendors implement that in different ways but Selenium presents you with a unified API for manipulating the web browser and because of this ability we can use it very effectively to automate our tests for web applications.

And I’m going to tell you right now, at the beginning of this series that this is not the way that I recommend that you do automated testing. I don’t recommend that you record everything and that’s your test and you play them back but this is an excellent tool for learning Selenium and doing some exploration on what kind of tests you want to create, capturing elements, helping you to write more effective tests in a framework.

Now the other thing that Selenium is good for is remote execution, and this is neat feature that we’re going to discuss in one of the modules of this series is using Selenium server to do remote execution to take our tests that we are writing and be able to send those tests, send that instruction to a centralized hub and then it is able to pick a machine that has the right browser we want and execute our tests on there and give us the results. So this is a pretty neat feature and pretty critical to the whole idea of Selenium and really, one of the advantages of using a testing framework like Selenium.

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