What is Globalization or Internationalization and Localization Testing?

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What is Globalization or Internationalization and Localization Testing?

As there many languages in the world and many people do not understand English, so companies sales the product or publish the websites on different languages. Companies do not create the application or website or mobile apps in each language but rather they code the application in a such a way that by changing the text on the application and no simple modification they can localize the product in any language.


There are two types of testing needs to carry out on application or website to make sure that application or website is localize.

  • Internationalization or Globalization Testing
  • Localization Testing


Internationalization or Globalization Testing

Internationalization testing is a testing of the application to make sure that it can be localize to any language without changing the actual program code. It also called as i18n and why i18n? , so there are 18 letters in between i and n in the Internationalization word. 🙂

in internationalization testing Development team removes the hard coded strings and put them into the resource file. there will be different resource files for different languages. so that whichever language file you will replaced with default one that language will gets activated on that application. this is one of the most used option in development.

What we need to test in Internationalization or Globalization?

1) there is should be no hard coded strings-  you can check this with changing the language setting from Computer

2) Check the Numbers, Currencies, Character sets etc.

Localization testing:

Testing the actual localized software for specific Language, locale, Character sets etc. it is also called as l10n, with same reason, there are 10 letters in between the L and N. In localization testing we focus more one text and input fields. functionality in rare case we found broken but always you will get defects on  input fields and text messages like error message warning message, dialog , menu names etc. Localization testing play important role in localizing the software.

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