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What are some of the limitations of automated testing?

Automation testing is not suited for all type testing. in this articles we will look at most common limitations of Automation testing.

  • Difficulty in planning all scenarios:

Always it it not possible to automate each and every test. following is scenario list which hard to automate.

  • some test case needs manual intervention which can not be automate.
  • time travel test cases are also possible to automate.
  • test automation tool limitation, such as color identification
  • hardware specific test cases.
  • Mainly effective in testing GUI based applications

It is often found that test case which are GUI based as easy to automate and it is more effective if you look at end user prospective.

  • Not useful for test cases that require data setup prior to actual execution.

If the case depends on lot of data and data which is getting dynamically, that sort of test cases are hard to automate and maintain. so we usually skip the test cases.

  • Highly dependent on GUI layout so when the interface changes the automated test script must also be modified

It is not recommend to automate the UI test cases if the UI is going to change.