What is Test Case? what are contents of Test Case Template?

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What is Test Case? what are contents of Test Case Template?

Test Case is a set of steps which gives the certain output with defined input conditions. typically test case contains test steps and at the end of the test steps, tester needs to compare the actual result with expected result.

What are the items of test case template?

following parameter should be considered while writing test case.

  • Test Case Number : this number should be unique.
  • Pre-Condition : ┬áPre-conditions is necessary to make sure that we can get desired output. pre-condition should be all necessary date to start test execution. sometimes are is no need of pri-condition.
  • Description: Description or test steps are very important parameter of Test case writing. where tester writes the exact test steps to get the desired output.
  • Expected Result: Expected output at the end of test steps should be written here.
  • Actual Result : What actual result tester gets after executing the test case should be go here. it helps when we execute the same test case again.
  • Status (Pass/Fail) : this is decision making status whether test case is passed or failed or blocked after test execution
  • Remarks. : if tester want to specify some specific thing, then this item is made to make such comments or remark

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