Selenium Overview

selenium webdriverSelenium is one of the most famous open source automation tool in the world. Selenium was originally developed by Jason Huggins in 2004. later on ThroughtWorks developers also join him to develop it further. The name comes from a joke made by Huggins in an email, mocking a competitor named Mercury, saying that you can cure mercury poisoning by taking Selenium supplements. Selenium is Website test automation tool. it also helps you to test the mobile application which has webforms.


Tool Cost: Free (Open Source)

Object Identification Technique : DOM

Lets talk about the Technical Capabilities of it. Selenium has 4 components

  1. Selenium IDE: Selenium IDE is Record and playback tool which helps Tester to record and playback the script. It is Firefox plugin and it does not available for other browsers.
  2. Selenium RC (Remote Control): Selenium RC is also called as Selenium 1. Selenium RC is older version of Selenium. now a days it is rarely being used. Selenium RC has javascript based which is used to execute the commands on the browsers.
  3. Selenium Webdriver: Selenium Webdriver is also called as Selenium 2. this is latest version of Selenium. it has much improved Selenium API. now it uses internet browser’s automation mechanism to execute the commands on browsers.
  4. Selenium Grid: Selenium Grid provides the test execution mechanism to execute the test cases on different machines.

Main Advantages:

  • Open Source
  • Big user Base
  • Robust
  • support variety of scripting languages.
  • also supports only webform based mobile applications

Main Disadvantages:

  • It only supports Web and limited mobile applications
  • More scripting required as it does not have IDE
  • having limitations on automating custom controls, flash controls.

Selenium webdriver architecture you can find here

Overall Selenium is unbeatable automation tool for web automation.

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