What is the role of a scrum master in agile?


What is the role of a scrum master in agile?

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Scrum Master is plays important role in Agile Scrum. Scrum Master the Scrum Master is responsible for making sure a Scrum team lives by the values and practices of Scrum.

He is a Facilitator for the team. If any team member got stuck in the work then its Scrum Master’s responsibility to unblock the team member. Many times it found that there is confusion in the responsibility of Scrum Master, it is wrongly expected that Scrum Master should himself or herself fixes the problem. but it not like that, Scrum Master is Facilitator, he/she will help you to solve your problems not means that he/she should do it. Scrum Master can assign or guide the team member to resolve the issues.
Scrum Master plays role of Coach and help team to do best work. Scrum Master make sure that there is proper balance between the team and Stakeholders.

Scrum Master does anything possible to help the team perform at their highest level like

1) Removing impediments
2) Facilitate meetings
3) Working with Product Owner for product backlog grooming and tasks for the next sprint.

Who should play the role of Scrum Master?

Agile SCRUM says, Scrum Master should be anyone in the team. if you look the project structure, then best suited person for Scrum Master role is Project Manager or Technical team manager/leader.
Scrum Master always protect team from the over-commitments or under commitments, so that team can achieve the Sprint goals and do not work under high pressure.
Scrum Master has no authority over Scrum team members but the Scrum Master does have authority over the process. Scrum Master can advise team to change the process. With authority limited to ensuring the team follows the process, the Scrum Master’s role can be more difficult than that of a typical project manager. On Failure or Success of Sprint delivery Scrum Master is not only accountable for it but the team is accountable for it.

There are 6 major qualities Scrum Master Should has

1. Responsible
2. Humble
3. Collaborative
4. Committed
5. Influential
6. Knowledgeable

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