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I have few questionin QTP/UFT , it would be great if you can explain those.
1. If there is many link (100) in a page and i want to click on the 50th link then how can i do the same.
And if the same is there in a webtable then how to click on 50th link.

  1. from mail if all the mail is having same subject and i need to delete the 3rd mail , then how to delete that.

Thanks in advance

  • Rahul asked 4 months ago
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A-The way we use QTP for automating the testing of our applications, we can use the automation object model of QTP to automate its own operations as well. With the help of objects, methods, and properties exposed by the automation object model of QTP along with standard programming elements like loops and conditional statements, we can write programs which can configure QTP options and run tests or instead of performing these operations manually using the QTP interface. Automation programs are useful for performing the same tasks several times or on multiple tests or components, or quickly configuring QTP according to the needs for a particular environment or application. Most of the dialog boxes in QTP have a corresponding automation object. Most of the options in dialog boxes can be set retrieved using the corresponding object property.

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at one interview i got this question

  • tes asked 3 years ago
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