QeWorks Launches Mock Interview Services

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QeWorks Launches Mock Interview Services

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It is always being challenging to get selected in competitive world and get the right job in right  company. Qeworks has started new Mock interview services to facilitate the Job Seeker to evaluate them on different aspects of the interview and provide them right feedback and guidance to increase their chance to get select in the interview. QeWorks provides vast ranges of mock interviews at different career level. It broadly classified into two major streams

  1. Manual Testing.
  2. Automation Testing.

QeWorks provides Mock Interview for following Positions.

1) Manual Testing ( Banking, Insurance, Telecom, general, retail, Product testing, CAD, etc)

    • QA Engineer ( Experience required : fresher to 3 years)
    • Sr. QA Engineer ( Experience 4 to 6 Years)
    • QA Lead ( Experience 7 to 10 years)
    • QA Manager ( Experience 10-15 years)

Manual Tester will interviewed by Domain experts in their respective areas.

2) Automation Testing (Selenium, QTP, TestComplete, Ranorex, VSTS, CodedUI)

    • Test Automation Engineer (Experience required fresher to 3 years)
    • Sr. Test Automation Engineer ( Experience 4 to 6 Years)
    • Test Automation Lead ( Experience 7 to 10 Years)
    • Automation Manager ( Experience 10-15 Years)
    • Automation Architect ( Experience 8+ Years)

Mock Interview Process

Total Interview Process will take 1 week.

Step 1: Interviews will be conducted either Telephonic or Personal. If we think we may ask candidate for face to face interview. There will 2 round of interviews. There will be 3 days of gap between the interviews.

  1. Telephonic – First Round/Second Round
  2. Face to Face  – Second Round

Both rounds will be taken by industry people who have more than 10+ years of experience in Software testing.

Step 2: During Interview we evaluate different skills which is required for interview. We mainly focused on following skills

  1. Technical Knowledge based on years of experience and position which candidate is looking for.
  2. Communication skills
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. Body language (for personal interview)
  5. Presentation skills
  6. Resume Analysis
  7. Logical Skills
  8. Analytical Skills

Step 3: After successful interview, Detailed Analysis report will be shared to Candidate along with personal session will be conducted to explain the Mock Interview results. We will guide Candidate according to his/her score in both the rounds for improvement areas and guide them to overcome those.

Fees Structure

For Mock Interview following are the pay structure.

  • QA Engineer /Test Automation Engineer ( fresher to 3 years) – 1500 INR
  • Sr. QA Engineer/ Sr. Test Automation Engineer ( 4-6 years) – 2000 INR
  • QA Lead/Test Automation Lead ( 7-10 years) – 2500INR
  • QA Manager/ Test Automation Manager (10 + Years) – 3500INR
  • Automation Architect ( 8+ years) – 3000 INR


How It Works?

You have to following 4 steps to setup Mock Interview

Step 1:  Fill the form or send us email on master@qeworks.com

Step 2: We will contact you and explain you the procedure

Step 3: Make a Payment

Step 4: We will be scheduled your interview and interview will be conducted.

Step 4: Results will be shared and discussed with candidate


Get Evaluate your self before you go for interview in your dream company.

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