How to test cookies in web application?

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How to test cookies in web application?

cookiesCookies is encrypted text file used to store small information on user’s or client’s machine. It is generated by the web server and sent to the internet browser.

there are 6 ways to test the cookies.

  1. Typically, website should be work as expected even cookie is disable. to test this case, disable to cookies from internet browser settings. and try to access the website or web application. in this case application should work as expected.
  2. Configure the internet browser to prompt the cookie for acceptance or rejection. try several times by accepting and rejecting the cookies and observe the behavior.
  3. Edit Cookie file in any text editor and modify the some parameters, due to modification of cookie, it gets corrupted  now access the website and see its behavior
  4. Remove the all cookies and from defined location ( usually its Temp folder) and check the behavior of pages.
  5. Check the cookies behavior on different browsers.
  6. Open the cookies in Text editor and make sure that all sensitive information like user password, session ids are encrypted properly.

cookies plays very important role in website world, so do not forget to test it!

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