Download and Run Eclipse


Download and Run Eclipse

It is always recommended that while writing the code use IDE ( integrated Development Environment) software. it helps you in several ways. it will create complete project for you, it will prompt you on different kinds of errors. it helps you to compile and run the program which you have written and many more functionality these IDE provides.

Eclipse is most commonly used for Java Development. in this post we will see how to download and setup the Eclipse on your machine.

Step 1: Download Eclipse

Download your favorite eclipse version from :

i used indigo

Step 2: Download and install jdk(java development environment)

download JDK from  : Download  and install JDK from

Step 3: Setup Java Environmental variable

Setup the Java in Environmental variable :  follow the steps mentioned below to setup the JRE in environmental variable ( for Win 7).

  1. Click on Start button
  2. Right click on My Computer > select properties
  3. Select Advance System Properties, it will popup ” System properties”
  4. Click on “Environmental Variables…” button. it will pop up, dialog
  5. in “System variables” section, select “path” and click on “Edit” button. if Path variable is not defined then create new variable.
  6. Now in path, you have enter the JRE path. typically the path is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin”
  7. Save and Exit.


You are done. and you can run the Eclipse.exe from the folder where you have downloaded the Eclipse.


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