Difference Between Selenium RC and Selenium Webdriver


In this Post we will see the basic differences between Selenium RC and Selenium Webdriver. before comparison, we should know the basic things about Selenium RC and Selenium Webdriver. Selenium RC is older version of Selenium which is called as Selenium 1 and Selenium Webdriver is newer version so called as Selenium 2.  there are some fundamental differences between these two, like the way they work and address critical issues such as Handling of model dialog.


Comparison Criteria
Selenium RC
Selenium WebDriver
Browser SupportIt supports all browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.It supports most of the browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera etc. It does not support Safari 2,3 and Firefox 3.
Code Styling and SyntaxIts more Complex than Selenium WebdriverSyntax is more clear and simple
Selenium ServerRequired to start server before executing the test script.Does not required to start server before executing the test script.
APIIt is standalone java program which allow you to run Html test suites.It actual core API which has binding in a range of languages.
Browser Interaction TechnologyCore engine is Javascript basedInteracts natively with browser application
API ComplexityIt is easy and small API. And less Object OrientedCompared to Selenium RC, API is complex and having more functionality. Its fully object Oriented.
Model and alert Dialog handlingCan not supportIt support windows handles to interact with Model dialogs.
Cursory motion effectIt doesn’t supports of moving mouse cursors.It supports of moving mouse cursors.
Syntax complexityFairly complexSimple and clean
Support to ListenerIt does not supports listenersIt supports the implementation of listeners
Language SupportSupport all languages Support all languages except Perl and PHP, but can use wrapper library.
 Any language that can make an HTTP call can pass commands to the Selenium Remote Control server. Languages listed here have a wrapper library made already.
Mobile SupportDoes not support mobile appsIt support iphone/Android web forms applications and not Native Apps.
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