What are TestNG Annotations?

If you are using TestNG in the project then you should understand the annotations of it. it helps you to use features of TestNG in right way. For different purposes or conditions, different TestNG annotations can be used.

Configure TestNG in Java project

TestNG is Test execution framework. it allows a developer or Test Automation engineer to control their test flows with a wide range of options. TestNG has a lot of features which are more test automation oriented.

Wait for Page Load in Selenium

Oftenly it is found that automation engineer faces challenges to make sure that page has been loaded completely. how to deal with Ajax and Jquery calls. In this post, we will see how we can ensure that page is completely loaded.

Informal Review and its types

Informal review is the most common and widely use review technique. There are so many advantages of informal review over formal and well documented review but the key advantage is time saving.To conduct the informal review documentation,…

Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) with Example

For almost all application we need to find the boundary of the features inside the application under test and it can be done by Boundary Value Analysis (BVA). Boundary Value Analysis is a test design technique which does a selection of…