Agile SCRUM “Roles and Responsibility”


Agile SCRUM “Roles and Responsibility”

In Agile Scrum Software Development Team mainly divided into 3 Roles, Product owner, Scrum Master and Team.

Agile Scrum

Agile —Scrum Master – Serves, Leads & Facilitates

  • —Safeguard SCRUM process : Scrum Master is a team member who monitors the Agile SCRUM process and maintain it and its his responsibility that everyone in the team follows the process.
  • —Remove obstacles : Scrum master also remove the obstacles of team member. it is not necessary that scrum master resolve the obstacle but scrum master can put someone else to fix the problem
  • —Facilitate collaboration:
  • —Acts as a sheepdog of the team
  • —Listening – Meant not spoken !
  • —Leading by serving
  • —Serving by leading

Agile ScrumAgile —Delivery Teams 

  • —Engineering (Dev. & QA)
  • —Tech Writers, Architects & Product Owner
  • —Business people & other experts
  • —What do they do ?
    • —Commit to sprints
    • —Estimate effort
    • —Plan their own work
    • —Use the Scrum Master to remove their obstacles
    • —Straight talk – Raise all concerns in the daily standup
    • —Question everything that is not understood
    • —Even if you are not accountable, you are responsible

—agile scrumAgile Product Owners

  • —Envision the roadmap: Product owners have to create roadmap for upcoming sprints and releases.
  • —Define & refine the Backlog
  • —Prioritize & Revise on the basis of solid data: Its very important for PO to revisit the story and tasks time to time to make sure that all story and tasks having correct priority.
  • —Suggest, Negotiate & Accept deliverables
  • —Bear responsibility of delivering the product

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