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5 Steps to carry out Regression Testing

Regression TestingThere are several ways to do the regression testing. while doing the regression testing QA needs to make sure that all possible test cases has been executed and functionality is not regressed. most the QA does not plan the approach for regression testing, just on experience they do the regression or blind execute the test cases which are related to the functionality on which regression testing needs to be carry out.


Steps to carry out the regression testing in more effective way.

  1. Perform initial Smoke test
  2. Understand the functionality and criteria for regression test case selection
  3. Prioritize the test cases
  4. Execute the test cases
  5. analyze the test execution report.

1) Performing initial Smoke test:  Smoke testing needs to be carry out before executing the regression test to make sure that all major functionality is working and regression testing can be carry out.

2) Understand the functionality and criteria for regression test case selection: there are two ways to select the test cases for regression.

  • select all test cases from regression test suite : most of company usually has separate regression test suite. this test suite contains test cases for all major functionality ans key test cases. this approach is not always feasible as 
  • it covers all functionality of the software.
  • Second approach is to select the specific set of test cases by analyzing the fixed defects, changes in the functionality or newly developed features.  so this approach QA should know the all details and how functionality is build or how the defects gets fixed. this information mostly developers mentioned in defect fixed report or during check-in the code to repository Developer make a note to QA about affecting functionality.

you can select any approach to select the test cases for regression. take a best judgement on the basis of the changes.

3) Prioritize the test cases :  After selection of the test cases prioritize it, so that you can able to do the testing effectively and uncover the regression defects in initial phase of regression testing. if test cases are more then set of the test cases needs to prioritize

4) Execute the test cases :  Execute the test cases on the basis of priority

5) Analyze the report : Analyze the report and expose the regressed functionality to the team for further action. regression test execution report helps to do the root cause analysis (RCA). due to RCA we can find the actual cause of the regression.

i hope you have get the idea about how to do the regression testing. 🙂